November 06, 2012


I'm currently in the middle of fixing up a bathroom and I'm in the last few days of working an eight day stretch! (Sheesh)  I'll have a new post for you on Friday.

The goodies to come:

- 15 minute apple fritters
- Amazeballs- Peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies (swooon)
- Meatballs (with many uses)
- Pastry cream and Pate a Choux
         - Cream puffs
         - Eclairs
         - Fruit tarts
- Pesto Chicken Panini
- Crusty Artisan French Loaf
- Easy (cheater) weekday 10 minute dinner

But don't worry folks... "I can do it!"

...I was Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.


Abby said...

YOU COULD NOT BE CUTER!!!! Miss you and your yummy food posts! Someday we will get together and eat.

jacque said...

Just seeing this. So cute!