Favorite Resources

Some of my absolute favorite recipes come from other bloggers and cookbooks. Here is a list of my favorite resources. Enjoy!

Mel's Kitchen Cafe
     Mel is a wonderful blogger and has many great recipes to share. I use a TON of her recipes at home on a regular basis. Not only is she queen of the blogosphere but she is also very kind. I have emailed her numerous times to ask questions and she always gets back to me and answers my questions thoroughly.

The Pioneer Woman
     Sheesh, where to begin... Ree Drummond is the voice of the amazing website. You'll find detailed recipes, humor, stories from the ranch and hundreds of delicious recipes and cooking tips. She is also featured on the Food Network and just released a cookbook.

The Brown Eyed Baker
     The Brown Eyed Baker is an amazing resource! She has so many great recipes and a good sense of humor to boot! I have wasted hours looking at her site...I'm not proud, but I have.

Eat Live Run
     This fabulous website is packed full of personal experience, amazing recipes and beautiful writing.  Jenna, the author, is a trained chef, yoga instructor and freelance food writer. She also gives awesome book reviews on her site; I'm actually reading some of her recommended books now!